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Hey there guys and gals,

Here’s a little last-minute update about this week’s meeting.

First of all, yes, we are having one. Secondly, we’ll be giving you all of the info you need in order to put together a pitch for your screenplay. We’ll be having an open call for pitches at our first meeting back after winter break (Friday January 8th), so now is your big chance to ask us all of those questions that have been marinating in your brain all semester.

As for the screening, we’re showing Garth Jennings’ 2007 film ‘Son of Rambow’, in which a few British schoolboys set out to make their own version of Rambow: First Blood. Clocking in at a timely 98 minutes, this film is a good excuse to get your nose out of the books for a short-but-nice send-off before everyone parts ways for the break. Yeah!!!

Also, don’t forget to film your holiday shenanigans for your shot at Film Society Glory in our December challenge.

See you tomorrow!

Unimaginatively yours,

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