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Alright, ‘CF’arers (it works, the ‘S’ is silent, c’mon it works). In consideration of your unmistakable level of enthusiasm and support for Film Society, we’ve postponed our Winter Re-Debut until Friday, January 15. You may modify your travel arrangements accordingly. (No need to avoid St. Pat’s as our burlap sack recruitment initiative is still on hiatus as well.) This delay provides all of us slightly more time to regroup after a very busy and legally-ramified holiday. I am still trying to repay my friends for their taking the rap on my private disagreement with a lamppost.

When Film Society returns, we’ll watch Todd Solondz’s Storytelling. To give you an idea of what his films are about, here’s Todd Solondz:

See you in a week!

P.S.: Expect the blog to be updated more often this semester, especially when I busy myself during Essay Sweeps Week.

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