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Another Hallowe’en has passed, and really– are we any wiser? Are we any closer to one another or to an age of reason? Did Hallowe’en put a stop to swine flu or shut down Farmville, wherever that is? No. Then what was it, if not a panacea for society’s woes? Hallowe’en was a night for moping around in our unpopular, unflattering Homsar costumes, for being ignored by both the naughty firefighter and the naughty police officer– and again the next day on ‘Missed Connections’– and for eating the chocolates we found in the laundry room, rarely bothering to extract the Advil caplets. Simply put, Hallowe’en was another defeat.

We will try to facilitate a rebound from this disappointment by bringing you one of the few honest “hidden gems” of the decade. This Friday, Film Society screens George Washington, the debut film of David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express). Likened to Days of Heaven (Roger Ebert) and the writing of William Faulkner (A.O. Scott), Washington is the story of a group of small-town kids attempting to cover up– and come to terms with– a fatal accident. A matter of interest is that this film was made for approximately no dollars. Green talks about it here and here.

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker without gold bullion for parents, you’ll want to see this one. It should help you develop your plan to make an (equally) original, mesmerizing film on a budget of lint and toenail clippings.


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