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Welcome everyone to the Jive Turkey Shoot. An exclusive segment to the Carleton Film Society blog that touches on (well, full -on gropes) the segment of Patrick’s brain devoted to all things Trash, Exploitation, Horror, Cult, Worldwide Art, etc, etc. It’s the dirty underbelly of Cinema. The area where it all happens.

This week, in honour of our screen I’m gonna just slap ya’ll with some Blaxploitation Film Knowledge.

large_shaft-blaxploitationFor the layman out there, Blaxploitation is a sub genre of the Exploitation film (something I will be delving into in the future). The exploitation here, of coure, is the urban African American culture that permeated the 1970s. This involved soul and funk music, urban squalor, stickin’ to the man, and generally being a cool cat, I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Of course these things are stereotypes, but still part of the culture, and one that is turned up to the eleventh permiation in these Blaxploiation films.

Hence, you have many a narratives dealing with living in the city, trying to make a dollar, hustling, drug addiction, prostitution, crime, etc. Most of the protagonists of these flick were African-American, and cool as the weather lately. Often your protagonist what white, a capitalist, and an exploiter of the African-American community.

Not only that, but these films had some of the BEST soundtracks ever heard. You had artists like Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, and the list goes on and on. If you need proof check out the iconic Shaft sountrack, as well as the late Mr. Hayes’ oscar to go along with it.

Anyway, you get the point. So that’s a sum up of Blaxploitation, but a real quick survey of it. There’s alot to find in it. A good starting point is Blaxploitation.com

Here’s a select few picks I have enjoyed:

Detroit 9000 (1973) dir. Arthur Marks1184__x400_detroit_9000_poster_01
This is film stars a African-American and Caucasian side by side. The black guy is a cool cop, when as the white guy is you tradition Detroit weathered cop, fucking cool as shit in my book. Basically these dudes are going after jewels thieves, but there’s political corruption, a great motif in Blaxploitation, as the man is always the problem. I’m sure that doesn’t really sell it, but the tagline will: “Visit the murder capital of the world–where the honkies are the minority!”

Foxy Brown (1974) dir. Jack Hillfoxy brown
Ok, so this one’s an easy pick, but it seriously kicks ass. Few things are better in life than watching Pam Grier take down a pimp. You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen this one. The director is also a Exploitation grand master, having directed some of the best of the best, including Big Bird Cage, Spider Baby, and Switchblade Sisters. You also get a killer theme song with this one by Willie Hutch.

Dolemite (1975) dir. D’Urville Martindolemite
Now Dolemite is one hell of a film. Starring and written by Rudy Ray Moore, this in one of the original “pimp” films. Dolemite has killer hookers on his side, he himself knows kung-fu, is a pimp, and fucks with people who fuck with his shit. The star himself is an interesting character too, he’s made a slew of Dolemite films (most of which I own), was a comedian and performer who did joke rhymes in a toast manner that ended up being one of the progenitors of hip-hip, his Dolemite pimp image also influenced alot of rappers’ image in our time as well (Snoop Dogg must have loved Dolemite). But really the man puts it best himself: “Dolemite is my name and fuckin’ up muthafuckas is my game.” ‘Nuff said.

In the interest of time, and in the interest of how long this will keep anyone’s attention, or if they will even get this far, I will cut the picks short at 3. But make sure to come to rm 400 in the St. Pat’s Building for 6 to see some “Fresh” films and pick the Blaxploitation film you’ll be subjected to.

stay funky,
Patrick “Hussein” Dolan

Coming soon: Hicksploitation

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