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Yet another video, but I’m sure you don’t mind. You already read too much as it is, what with the schoolbooks and the stop signs and all.  YouTube clips have currency and style and thought, and all I offer are words.

So someone with a point of view (wow) and design skills (woah) and elegance (and not 60-year-old-Austrian-woman elegance, gasp) directed a film that isn’t dealing in Uplift or sopping with sympathy, but is actually the expression of their particular talents and experiences! And it may even contain scenes that recall the mechanics of human sexuality! I assure you that thiswillnothappenagain in 2009.

Note: This is almost exactly how I sold Tetro to my friends and I ended up with a dozen eggs on my face and was beaten with socks, so if this also ends up a farce (a possibility) then I’ll just stop watching movie trailers.

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Wizard of Oz MunchkinCall me what you will, but I’m super excited about the 70th Anniversary  of Wizard of Oz. There’s really no denying how awesome this film is and how much it’s a part of popular culture and our lexicon of life. Oh and the movie is kick ass.
Personally I’m a fan of the film and literature.
So after 70 years it’s back for another re-release, and I feel like  a corporate dick sucker promoting this, but it really is in an awesome package.
What’s got me in for the count, though, is that this package, much like the one that came out a few years ago, includes L.Frank Baum’s original Ozma Studios silent productions of his books, which I have never seen and can’t wait to. This new super package also comes with a couple books, other films, including The Dreamer of Oz starting the late John Ritter as L. Frank, which can’t be terrible.
What would make this sucker even better is if they included to creepy Return to Oz as well… but unfortunately it’s Disney… eff.

anyway, if you’re like me and unashamadly enthused about The Wizard of Oz click the LINK to get the details.

And just for shits, read about the munchkin suicide on set, and interesting urban legend: CLICK

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