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I don’t know about you, but I love Gwenyth Paltrow. She always ends up in movies I want to see and even if the film disappoints, her performance is stellar. A little while ago, she started a blog for Yummy Mommies (you know, the SUV stroller wielding, Lululemon pant wearing, Starbucks sipping ladies who trounce around the Glebe like they own the place). It’s called GOOP, which is probably an acronym for something. Most of the posts are about somewhat superficial, jet-setter , parenting things, but I stumbled across something you would only get from an actor of her calibre. She asked a few of her friends to list their top 5 favourite films.

Just a hint, her friends include Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola & Steven Spielberg. You can read the list here:


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This video is awesome. If I had patience, I would totally do this. Unfortunately, I’m all out of Adderall.

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“All you need for a music video is a gun and a girl.” -The Ghost is Dancing

The newest music video by The Ghost is Dancing (Sonic Unyon), directed and produced by Middleschool (Norman Wong, Aaron Kopff, and Daniel Grant). The video recreates scenes from their favourite New Wave films. Shot at various locations in Toronto including the ROM, High Park, Yorkville, the Henhouse, Dundas Bridge, and Agi’s House in Little Italy. I watch this video about 3 times a day and it always makes me smile. Always.

See other work by Middleschool here:

Hear more stuff from The Ghost is Dancing here:



See you cats tonight!


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I normally reject this type of video on principle, so if this didn’t totally work I would be the guy to tell you.



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Check out this incredible short film by Christopher Mills promoting the equally incredible Happiness Project by Charles Spearin!

“Part spoken-word collection, part sociological experiment, The Happiness Project is the result of Spearin’s interviews with his neighbors in downtown Toronto about the idea of happiness– recorded responses that he then turned into music. What’s fascinating about this collection is not only what the interviewees have to say…but also the way that Spearin spins the cadence of their voices into tunes” -Pitchfork.com

Learn more about The Happiness Project here:


Happily Yours,


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