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The Election


This week will be the election for the Film Society Executive. If you are interested please be there on time and explain to us how you would strengthen the group. Afterwards there will be voting and a new executive will be selected. In addition, next week is the night of the Funded Short screening and we will discuss progress on that and promotion for the event.

See you all there.

-The Carleton Film Society

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I would like to begin by thanking everyone who was involved in the funded short. Now that shooting has wrapped we now move onto post-production. We will be bringing in a scene or two that we have started working on. Your input is always appreciated. Afterwards we will be watching a Chinese film from 1990 called Ju Dou directed by Zhang Yimou. Like the last film I brought in this one is a little sexy and allegorical.

See you there.

Your V.P. Derek D.

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