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Getting Down to Business.

Hello all,

I write to you on this snowy January in hopes that you have all been considering what jobs you wish to do on the funded short. Yes, it that time of year again. So come on down to apply for your job on our film crew. With that business out of the way I suppose you want to know what the screening is for this week? Well you get the choice between Return to Oz, the trippy 80’s sequel to the 30’s classic or Murder by Death a Peter Falk and Peter Sellers affair.

Hope to see you there.

From your V.P. and Producer.

Derek D.

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Pitches this Week

This Friday we are looking for pitches for our yearly short film project. We want everyone who has an idea for a short film that is 1 to 15 minutes in length to come and pitch their idea. For those of you who have never pitched anything before, here is a brief rundown of what we want from you for your idea.


An elevator pitch. Imagine you are a filmmaker at a festival with your film looking for your film to be picked up. You get in an elevator at your hotel and in comes a film executive. This film executive asks you what your film is about. You have only the amount of time until the elevator stops to explain your film. This is should be your starting point. Explain to us in as little words as possible what your film is.


Once we have a good idea of what the film is about through the elevator pitch, then you can begin explaining in more detail the plot of the film.


We will be asking logistical questions such as how many roles, how many locations, what time of day are we shooting, indoor or outdoor, any props or costumes that will be needed, approximate length, so make sure you have a good idea of all these components.


We will also ask if you would like to direct the film. You don’t have to if you don’t want to but it is entirely up to you.


You do not need to have a completed script. The scripting process comes later. If you have it already written, or at least part of it written, bring it. We may ask you to read a quick segment of it.


If you can not come to the meeting this Friday but still want to pitch, it’s okay. Just write up your pitch and email it to us at carletonfilmsociety@gmail.com BEFORE 4pm on Friday. Any later and we will not have time to look at it.




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