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In Light of Tonight…

In Light of the subject matter, I give you this amazing fan REVIEW of the Phantom Menace, to get you excited for the fan EDIT in an hour and half. Be there!

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Hello all, this Friday we’ll have Professor Corey Stevenson come in and talk to us. He will talk about fan practices in the digital age, and show a fan-edit of Star Wars: Episode I

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Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce another workshop, this one will be on lighting techniques. We will focus on three point lighting as well as different set ups. Which can be used to produce moods and tones to a scene. Additionally, we will be showing a film as per usual. We hope to illuminate your understanding of the subject. We will also be showing Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors a South Korean film.

From V.P.
Derek D.

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