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This week the Carleton Film Society will be doing a workshop on the art of writing for film. We will cover the basics of screenwriting along with some tips and tricks to improve upon your own writing in the film medium. Afterwards we will be screening the Rainer Fassbinder film Lola. A sexy German drama and one of Fassbinder’s final films.

"Colourful, Sexy and Fantastic!"

Your V.P.

Derek D.

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Hey everyone,

Looking forward to seeing you all at 6pm this Friday the 23rd in 400 St. Pats for another Film Society meeting and screening. This week, we’ll be showing Blow Out (1981) starring John “Terl” Travolta and Nancy Allen and directed by Brian De Palma.

"Wait, you're not Greased Lightning! You're an imposter!"

Just a reminder: if you haven’t already paid your membership fee, it’s just $10 for the year. Or, if you’re looking to come for the one screening, it’s $2. See you all there!

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This Friday is the Carleton Film Society’s first meeting! September 16, that’s today. Circle the date on your calendar, then circle it twice. The first meeting will be an introduction of sorts. We will be introducing ourselves, what the Film Society is and does, what Ottawa offers for the movie lover in all of us and finally you’ll get a chance to introduce yourself to us.

The meeting will be at 6pm in room 400 of St Patricks building.

Like any CUSA sanctioned group there is a membership fee, in our case amounts to 10 dollars.

With that 10 dollar membership you will get into all meetings and events that we put on for the entire year. As a special added bonus, you will receive a 1 dollar discount on every movie rental at the Invisible Cinema (Lisgar and Bank), the coolest movie rental place in Ottawa, where you’ll find any and every film there.

If you just want to try the group out it’s a 2 dollar entry fee for a single meeting.

This Friday we will be screening Badlands from the director Terrence Malick. It’s a classic American crime drama starring Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen in what they have both described as the highlight of their long careers. It’s also based on the same true events as Natural Born Killers, so if you’re a fan (or not) of that film come and appreciate a very different take on the story.

-Carleton Film Society

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