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This movie gave the gamer kid inside me a huge smile. It is all kinds of awesome, a love story within a video game world, talk about a WIN! Micheal Cera and his geeky shy-guy silliness is really starting to get old. He really needs to stop being typecast and shape up nevertheless he not only won the heart of Ramona in the film but mine as well.

The visuals were AWESOME and for all the gamers out there, there are nostalgic tips of the hat all over the place. Hardcore SNES fans will lose their shit when watching this film. The animated lighting bolts shooting out of the guitars were wicked and really emphasized the new obsession with Guitar Hero. Not to mention the soundtrack was pretty rad as well.

The gay roommate who basically had control over Cera’s apartment was just plain hilarious. Along with the stereotypical Asian girl who becomes over obsessed with Cera’s band. Not to the mention the little stats about every character Cera runs into. (including himself)

Overall I approve this film to anyone who is or used to be a gamer as a must see. As for everyone else it is a fun watch assuming you like Napoleon Dynamite humour, otherwise avoid it like Cera avoids paying the rent. As for those who have played the video game No More Heroes you will be splendidly pleased to see the contrast of this film to the game. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World really really feels like a T rating version of No More Heroes. Not saying that is a bad thing, just saying it might as well be a film adaptation and the best one I have ever seen at that.

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