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Hey there pals & gals,

Let’s get down to business first…
This Friday (October 22) at 6:00 sharp we’ll be listening to your pitches for the library project. We’d like you to have at the very least, a written synopsis for your project. If you have a screenplay too, bring it. Make sure you bring 3 copies of whatever you’ve got (one for you, one for us and one for the library’s board of directors).

If you can’t make it on Friday, but you’ve got a gem, you can e-mail it to us, but we must (I repeat MUST) have it by Friday at 6:00. Again, please have at least a synopsis written out. It’s up to us Execs to relay your idea to the Library Big-Wigs, so give us all you can to convince ’em that your short is the one that should get made.

Now that THAT’s out of the way…

This week, we’re teaming up with our friend’s from The Moose & Pussy, Ottawa’s only literary erotica magazine, for a screening of ‘”Cloud Nine”. Made in 2008, it;s a German film about about a woman who enters into an affair after 30 years of marriage.
As Jeff Blackman (one of the mag’s editors) puts it, “it’s proof your grandparents still do it, and do it well.”

Since this is a fundraiser for The M&P, there will be a $2 cover at the door BUT that includes all-you-can-eat popcorn! PLUS you can read their magazine online for FREE right here! http://www.themooseandpussy.com/

SO, in summation, please come to 400 St. Pat’s at 6:00 to pitch your idea for the Library Shorts. Please come at 7:00 for a screening with our friends from the Moose & Pussy.


Here’s our caveat: CFS is a safe space. If the film makes you uncomfortable, please excuse yourself. We’re all adults so let’s keep it cool and fun.

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Grindhouses were basically strip clubs/porno theatres (hence the “grind”). Just imagine the most seediest places possible. The kinds of films that were shown there tended to be low budget gimmicky films meant to attract a certain audience. Films you wouldn’t see anywhere else, pornography, slashers, and other kinds of exploitation films.

Let’s get right into some trailers.

Sleepaway Camp (Robert Hiltzik, 1983)

Silent Night, Deadly Night (Charles E. Sellier Jr, 1984)

The Driller Killer (Abel Ferrara, 1979)

Really cheaply made, totally gimmicky, boardering on the ridiculous, people being killed in nasty ways, lots of fake blood. That is what you find with grindhouse and that’s what we’re looking for with your challenge trailers.

Did I mention grindhouse has a horror cannibal subgenre with titles like Cannibal Holocaust? Oh they totally do.

That’s Cannibal Ferox, and it’s playing at the Mayfair Theatre this Friday and Saturday at midnight. You’re welcome.


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